What we call “Turkish Coffee,” has been said to be the original method in which are ancestors might have brewed coffee. An interesting drink with a distinct taste, Turkish coffee is perhaps the most polarizing drink in the coffee world. You either love it, or hate it!

To make Turkish Coffee you need a Turkish Coffee Pot.  A Turkish coffee pot is a small brass jug with a long handle called an ibriq. It has a distinctive inverted shape many have unwittingly seen before in movies and TV Shows.

Once you get your hands on a Turkish Coffee Pot, follow these directions:
1. Grab your coffee pot to combine coffee, sugar, and water (in that order)
2. Add two level teaspoons of finely ground coffee
3. Add one teaspoon of sugar.
4. Add warm water, but do not fill to the brim
5. Place the coffee pot over heat till a boil. The liquid should rise to the neck of the ibriq.
6. Traditionally the brew is brought to a boil three times before serving.

Hints & Tips:

You want to use finely ground coffee, finer than an espresso ground, if possible. Avoid an espresso (really dark where the oils are released) roast. To bring out the best flavor in the coffee, use medium to medium-dark roast that suits your taste buds. Turkish Coffee brings about a very intense coffee flavor, too dark of a roast brings too much bitterness to the drink.

Cardamom is a frequently used spice in Middle Eastern cuisine.  Traditionally a pinch of cardamom (equivalent to one cardamom seed) is added to Turkish coffee. Make sure not to use too much Cardamom as it has a strong taste and an intense resinous fragrance. A coffee grinder will not grind the cardamom seeds to the powder consistency needed for this drink so we recommend you buy ground cardamom over the whole seeds, if you do not own a spice grinder.

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