Mexico is one of the top 10 largest producers of coffee in the world. Most of the coffee is grown in southern end of the country away from the northern border of the United States.  For those who love organic coffee, Mexico is one of the largest producers of organic coffee as well as participating in many of the ethical coffee movements. Among the most familiar to American consumers is the Fairtrade Coffee Alliance. However, you can find much Mexican coffee that follows the guidelines of other ethical coffee guidelines such as Utz kapeh and the Rainforest Alliance.

Among the notable Mexican coffees consumers should seek out Mexican Maragogype beans.  Maragogype beans, also known as elephant beans are highly prized for their size and many can be found as SHG type beans.

Notable/Specialty Coffees

Chiapas is known for the finest Mexican coffee and the brand names one should see out are Tapachula and Huixtla.

Organic coffee lovers should look for Pluma beans, an organically grown coffee planted in Oaxaca. Oaxaca is know for some of the finest beans in Mexico

While most of the coffee production in Mexico is south of Mexico City, Verazcruz is known to produce quality coffee. One notable brand you should seek from Veracruz is Altura Huatusco.

Coffee Profile

FLAVOR: smooth, earthy, and fragrant. Medium to High acidity

ROASTS: Medium-High to High Roasts




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